TEDTalks: What Can You Learn from Near Disaster?

Life lessons from a man whose plane crashed.

Life lessons from a man whose plane crashed.

Name of person giving the talk: Ric Elias

Title of the talk: 3 Things I Learned While My Plane Crashed

Summary of the talk: Ric Elias was on board the plane that crashed into the Hudson River. He discusses how his life has changed since that day and what he’s learned. Here they are:

  1. It all changes in an instant.  Don’t wait to do things because you think there will be more time.  You never know what will happen.
  2. He regretted time wasted on things that didn’t matter with people who matter.  Get rid of the negative energy in your life and enjoy your relationships with people.
  3. His main goal in life is to be a good dad and was sad thinking he’d miss out on his children growing up. Make sure you are a good parent, spouse, brother, sister, etc.

Favorite quote: Choose to be happy.

What I learned: This talk was short and to the point, but it really made me think. If you were given a second chance, how would you change your life? He makes it clear that what we need to value in life are friends, family, and the things that make us happy. I couldn’t agree more. So, get out there and do the things you’ve always wanted to do! Go on that vacation, take the job across the country, or ask for that promotion! Make sure the people you love know how you feel and enjoy your time with them. Be the best person you can be, always! Then, if your life happens to be flashing before your eyes, you’ll know you’ve done everything you’ve always wanted. No regrets.  Only choices that led to happiness.

Now it’s your turn! How would you change your life if given a second chance? What choices can you make now to live your life in this way?

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