Office Fashion: Heels vs. Flats

I’m calling out to my fashionistas here (and I’m letting you know, I’m not always one of them). When you typically see a picture of a career driven woman, you usually see her in a (sometimes) fashionable suit and high heels. Google “career woman” and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. Or, you could type in a few female game changers and CEOs like Sheryl Sandberg, Marissa Mayer, Heather Bresch, or Rosalind Brewer.  All of them have the same look: a beautiful, powerful woman in a nice suit/business attire and heels that most of us would fall over in.

Stability ball and sky high heels... Not how I usually spend my day at the office (or gym), but if it works for you, that's fine too!

Stability ball and sky high heels… Not how I usually spend my day at the office (or gym), but if it works for you, that’s fine too!

So, it turns into the age old office question of comfort vs. perceived power and sex appeal. Do you worry more about how your feet feel or do you attempt to dress the part of a high powered CEO that puts fear in the hearts of your colleagues because you just look so awesome and put together?

Now, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. The choice between heels and flats is really: both! Most professional women I know bring a great pair of heels with them each day, but in their desk drawer or bag is a hidden pair of flats or flip flops. Honestly, I do it too. I love the powerful feeling I get wearing a great pair of heels to a meeting. I walk taller (no pun intended), have more confidence, and feel like my presence is better known. Not to mention it helps me look a little bit more my age. At the same time though, I have to walk a few blocks to work from the parking garage and when I’m sitting at my desk I don’t really need those high heels on. Instead, I change to my boring flats and choose comfort for the majority of my day.

Now, don’t get me wrong. They make some really cute flats now-a-days that are completely work appropriate. I have a few pairs that I wear on a fairly regular basis. But those days when I have an important meeting, I bust out the heels. The sound, look, and feeling that come with those glorious shoes puts me in a different mindset. I go from casual day at the office to strong-willed superwoman.

But, I know everyone is different and many women feel equally as confident in flats as they do heels! It really all depends on what makes you feel your best so that you can succeed in every part of your life!

Now it’s your turn! Do you love rocking heels at work or are you more into the comfy wonderfulness that is adorable work flats?   


2 thoughts on “Office Fashion: Heels vs. Flats

  1. I’m the type of woman that wears heels everyday to the office and have become quite known for it as well! But when you commute by transit, after a long day…commuting home in those power heels just isn’t worth it. So I pack flats as well…they are much more practical. love your post!

    • Thanks so much! Transit really is a killer. You can’t be expected to stand all day on a train in sky high heels. I know we’re supposed to do it all, but being able to walk and or run (if I’m late) is still my priority! Ha!

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