What Will Be Your Space Jam: Amazing Advice From Kid President

Last spring at some point I was having a really rough day at work. I mean like really rough, where I wanted to go home and just lay in bed and avoid everyone. I couldn’t even tell you what was so hard about that day, but one thing I do remember is the video my friend made me watch to cheer me up. It’s a pep talk by a young boy who goes by the name Kid President. He’s awesome and says some things that I think a lot of adults need to remember. Yup, that’s right. A kid is giving it to us straight while the adult world ignores all the good things in life and just complains all the time.

One of my favorite lines? “The world needs you to stop being boring!” What could be truer than that? Get out there, be happy, and be yourself! We need more love and fun and less hate and backstabbing. We need more inspiration and less criticism. We need more Space Jam! (You’ll understand when you watch the video. And yes, I do love Space Jam as well. It’s a classic!)

So go ahead, watch Kid President and learn something.

Now, it’s your turn! What’s your Space Jam?


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