Girls Night Out: Apps At Your Favorite Hangout

You know what I miss most while being on my fitness journey? Nachos! I loooove nachos, and all appetizers for that matter. Give me the option of a plate filled with one type of cuisine or a plate filled with deep fried finger foods, I’m very likely to choose the latter.

I could probably eat this whole thing by myself and I wouldn't even feel guilty.

I could probably eat this whole thing by myself and I wouldn’t even feel guilty.

Which leads me to the newest girls night out idea! Head to your favorite hang out and instead of everyone ordering their own entrees order a bunch of appetizers! Not only does this let you get a lit bit of everything, I truly believe that appetizers let you socialize easier. Finger foods and tiny shared portions give you more opportunities to chat a little bit easier as it feels less formal. Any time I’ve done this with my friends the conversation just seems lighter and the atmosphere more fun! Plus, I don’t feel guilty having a little bit of everything because, let’s face it, one bite of something never killed anyone.

So, pick your favorite spot (you could class it up at a cute little BYOB or hit your local Applebees for apps on a budget) and grab your friends. Then, each one of you can pick a yummy app for all of you to share! Oh, I’m just imagining the possibilities and I’m already hungry. I think it’s time for me to send a group text message because after the week I’ve had with a sick husband and a crazy work schedule, I deserve some nachos! 🙂


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