Look at All This Work I Haven’t Done!

Today was one of those Mondays where I came into the office and just kind of wanted to cry. The stupid red message light on my phone was on, papers were cluttering my desk like no other, and I had too many e-mails from over the weekend. I was ready to just turn around, walk my butt back through the cold, and go home.

Basically what my desk looks like at the moment!

Basically what my desk looks like at the moment!


We all have those days and I’m here to tell you that it’s ok to want to throw your work phone out the window or shred the papers on your desk sometimes. You’re not alone in having those feelings. I understand that the stress that comes with working can be too much sometimes, especially with the holiday craziness around the corner. Just don’t actually do anything super crazy like smash your computer or throw papers out the window.

Instead, take a nice deep breath, grab a coffee, and say hello to your colleagues. Then, pick one thing to get started on and go from there. I usually try to start with my phone messages because I hate having that stupid red light on! Eventually you’ll be caught up and the stress will go away. Here’s hoping tomorrow is a better day!

Now, it’s your turn! How do you battle the anxiety when you walk in to a desk full of work?







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