Why College Students Should Think Twice Before Selling All of Your Books Back

It’s about to be the end of the semester and I bet there are college kids everyone ready to just chuck their books in the garbage. But wait! Don’t do that just yet! Some of these books may actually come in handy one day as I’m now finding out.

There have now been two times in the past three weeks that I have utilized old college textbooks. Now, the reason I probably still had them was because the bookstore wasn’t giving me enough money back to make it worthwhile, but still, it’s a good reminder to think before you sell. So, here are two things to think about before you sell back all of those expensive books that you probably only opened once.

This kills me every time because it's so true!

This kills me every time because it’s so true!

Could this be relevant to my future career? If you’re a psychology major and you took a class in 19th century art, chances are you won’t need that book in the future. But, what about the one on cognitive behavioral therapy or that other 700 page behemoth that discusses abnormal psychology? Those might actually come in handy one day if you’re a therapist or working in the mental health field.

To give you an example, I just recently had two books about program evaluation help me write and develop major reports and I’m so thankful I somehow decided to keep them. While it’s cool if you sell them back (I usually did ASAP), do so with some caution thinking about your future goals.

Do I really need that $2.50 they’re trying to give me back for it? I can almost guarantee that the two books I tried to sell back weren’t worth very much. They were random and very topic specific. So, I decided to keep them with the thought that they could be more useful than the small amount of money I was being offered. Turns out I was right! Keep this in mind when you’re there. Do you really need that extra small amount of change (you very well might. Bars are expensive now-a-days) or can you do without in the hopes that you’ll reap the benefits later? I say stick it out and keep it if you can!

I still think most people will sell back the majority of their books just like I did. But I also think some of them are worth keeping in hopes they’ll come in handy later. So, heed my words and take caution before selling back every book blindly. It could really save the day later!

Now, it’s your turn! Have you ever had an old textbook come in handy? How did it help you out?


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