I’m a Hustler, Baby! Why You Should Always Look for Freelance Work

I immediately apologize if that title just got Jay Z’s song stuck in your head (it’s a good song though, so I won’t say I’m too sorry). But in all seriousness, the definition of a hustler is “an aggressively enterprising person; a go-getter.” That’s me all right. I go and I get and then I go and get some more… because I’m a little overly ambitious and slightly crazy.

Since I clearly have issues with having free time, I just picked up another freelancing gig. This one is to write and edit people’s essays. It’s good money and relies on my ability to write which I really excel at (at least most days). What’s even better is I can take projects as I please which means if I’m busy one day I’m not forced to take on something I can’t handle. It’s a win-win situation for me.

So, why do I take on all these crazy projects when I already have a full-time job? There are tons of reasons (one being that I pride myself on doing excellent work), but here are a few other motives that might get you hopping on the freelance train yourself.

I promise it won't be this bad!

I promise it won’t be this bad!

Helps keep your skills fresh. Picking up freelance work helps keep whatever skill you’re utilizing fresh. It’s basically extra practice that ensures your analytical skills are always working and you’re sharp.

Teaches you new things. Besides the awesome skills you’re continuing to hone, you’re also learning a lot of new things. For example, the essays that I write can be about anything. So far I’ve done everything from business (which isn’t my background) to a social work methodology that I’m much more comfortable with. I even got to relearn my budgeting skills which will always come in handy for me if I plan to be an executive director one day. So, find a cool freelancing gig and learn some new stuff!

Can help beef up your resume. If you’d like to add it to your resume, freelance work can really help make your ho-hum resume look a little bit better. If you happen to be freelancing in an area related to your full-time work, that’s even better! (I have trouble doing that due to lots of conflicts of interest).

Extra money! This is a no brainer right here! Extra work means extra money! And oftentimes you can freelance from the comfort of your own home, so what’s better than that?

Have I convinced you to add on a little extra work? Check out these great sites to get started: Craigslistfreelance.com, or Elance!

Now, it’s your turn! Are you a freelancer? What do you love about it and what could you do without?


One thought on “I’m a Hustler, Baby! Why You Should Always Look for Freelance Work

  1. Hi Lindsay, great post! I love the attitude, and as an animal lover I have to say kudos for your project! If you’re looking for more gigs I recently launched a freelancer marketplace with a focus on fine-grained reputation (i.e. skill-based proficiency scores) and meritocracy. If you’re interested I’d love to hear your feedback: https://www.sevendays.co. We’re always looking for talented writers as demand is always high.
    Anyway I wish you a happy new year and will be looking out for your insightful blog posts in the future!

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