The 8 Types of Coworkers You Love to Hate!

The other day I was sitting around talking with a friend about all the different personalities you’ll come across when working in a large office. Then, I noticed I could lump them into different categories that make me laugh. So, for your reading pleasure, here are the 8 types of people you’ll meet at work (and will probably really dislike and learn to avoid them)!

1. The Complainer: “The office is too cold.” “Someone took my parking spot.” “The cafeteria ran out of my specialized hot tea.” And on, and on, and on! Nothing is ever good enough and they’re going to make sure you know about all of their gripes. If only there was a complaint department you could send them to so you didn’t have to listen anymore.

If you have a complaint, write a letter to management so I don't have to hear it!

If you have a complaint, write a letter to management so I don’t have to hear it!

2. The Delegator: This person is really great at looking like they’re doing work, but they’ve actually just handed it out to everyone else. Too bad they still get the credit because once it’s complete they show it to their supervisor like it was done on their own. While delegating is always necessary to run a good business, these people take it to the extreme and almost borderline manipulation. “Nancy, would you mind helping me with this report?” “Bob, I’m struggling with this graph and that’s your strong point so can you do it?” “Joe, my kid’s soccer practice is tonight and I need to cut up oranges, but I’m trying to help Nancy and Bob with a report. Mind taking one for the team and helping my family?” Yeah, make sure to put your name on everything you do so you get the credit!

doing work
3. The Jaded One: Also known as my least favorite person in the office, this colleague sees nothing positive about his or her job anymore and is completely burnt out. They’re overly pessimistic about pretty much everything and have no problem telling you to make sure you watch your back because everyone is out to get you and it’s a dog eat dog world out there. They probably should’ve retired 10 years ago, but they won’t because “that’s just what they want me to do.” Try subtly sending them job postings and see how that works.

If only they actually left!

If only they actually left!

4. The Overly Happy One: I’m almost ashamed to say  it, but this is probably me most days. This coworker is happy all the time! They could’ve just gotten screamed at for doing something completely wrong, but they’ll find a positive spin to it somehow. This is a good quality to have, but needs to be toned down a bit. No one likes to be bombarded by constant optimism even if you are having a good day.

I know I'm annoying sometimes. Please accept my apology!

I know I’m annoying sometimes. Please accept my apology!

5. The Baker: You know that healthy eating plan you’ve been working on? The Baker is trying to sabotage it. He or she has realized that they’ve always loved baking food and that it might be there passion. Their family no longer wants to eat it so now it’s all being brought into the office… and placed right next to your desk. Don’t worry, it’s all baked from scratch sugary goodness. Give it a try… just one bite… ruin all your hard work because this is his or her dream!! (Really, politely say no if you don’t want it and let everyone else crash from the sugar high at 2:30.)

The truth comes out!

The truth comes out!

6. The Chatterbox: If you were interested in living vicariously through someone else, just go find the chatterbox. They’re rarely in their cube as they’re usually wandering around talking to people all day. When they are where they’re supposed to be they’re on the phone (probably with a friend or relative). They never stop talking, and quite frankly, it’s annoying. They’re clearly not doing any work and if you’re like me, I could care less about those new shoes you just bought or that fancy schmancy dinner your boyfriend never took you on. For all our sakes, learn how to e-mail and text message.

Your new survival tip!

Your new survival tip!

7. The Computer Illiterate: Usually an older adult who has been at the company since the beginning of time (that’s not meant to offend anyone, so sorry if it does), this person hasn’t or refuses to keep up on their computer skills. They like doing things the old fashioned way by pen and paper and only learned the serious basics of computer technology. Because of this, you get constant e-mails and phone calls asking you to help with simple tasks. You don’t mind doing them because you know you’re helping someone out, but it gets cumbersome and annoying. Take a deep breath and remember they’ll probably be retiring soon.

computer illiterate
8. The Gossiper: Hear ye, hear ye! This person has all the juiciest things to tell you. He or she isn’t sure if any of it is true, but their “source” overheard someone saying something in the bathroom and now everyone needs to know! Be wary of these people because you never know what’s real or fake when they’re talking (at least most of the time). Instead, try to push them over to the chatterbox who will definitely be up for a long talk about your office’s dirty secrets!

High school part 2!

High school part 2!

Now, it’s your turn! Did I hit the mark? What other types of coworkers have you met at your office?


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