My Love/Hate Relationship with Snow

If you weren’t already aware, I’m a planner. I would plan out my whole life if I could (too bad my husband is the exact opposite so I get to practice a lot of patience). Thanks to wonderful Mother Nature, though, all my well thought out work plans have been completely turned upside down. While I looove having a random day off, it also totally puts me behind on my work and leaves me playing the catch up game. It’s great to be able to spend extra time with my family, but I’d be lying if I wasn’t also planning on how to get back in front of my to-do list.

That’s why I love and hate snow all at the same time. And now, to be perfectly honest, it’s becoming more of a hate/hate relationship. I’m praying for less snow and an early spring. Please, please bring on the sun (and my normal schedule)! Or maybe I just need to move to Florida.

My feelings exactly!

My feelings exactly!


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