Period for Good: Have a Happy Period

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Morgan Oliver, the awesome entrepreneur and CEO of Period For Good. Since her company seemed so interesting (and very beneficial to a lovely woman like myself) I thought I’d try it out. Thanks so much to Period For Good for the one month free trial! Here’s how it all went down.

The Good

As I was sitting home on the couch my husband came home and threw a box on the chair next to me. “Good thing someone in this house checks the mail because you got a package,” he said. In my defense, our mailbox is at the end of an extremely long driveway and it was cold so I figured I’d let him get the mail. Either way, I was jumping for joy when I realized it was my Period For Good box of goodies!

Koa decided to help me open up the box and was sad when he realized it wasn't filled with goodies for him!

Koa decided to help me open up the box and was sad when he realized it wasn’t filled with goodies for him!

I had literally just written down that I needed to buy tampons the next day (which is pretty much always an awful chore). What a pleasant surprise to see that everything I needed for my upcoming time of the month was right at my doorstep. It was seriously convenient and I can appreciate not having to go through the embarrassment of buying tampons. I know we all get periods, but it’s always a little uncomfortable, especially if you happen to get a male cashier. Self checkout anyone?

The initial opening! How fun?!

The initial opening! How fun?!

Let me tell you, sometimes you really need this reminder. Love it!

Let me tell you, sometimes you really need this reminder. Love it!

The Great

So what’s included in your pretty little box?

  1. Tampons: I ordered my favorite brand which is Tampax Sport. I got a mix of Supers and Regular which is perfect for me. I had more than enough to cover my weekly visit.
  2. Chocolate: The chocolate brand changes every month. This month it was Witor’s Italian Praline chocolate. My gosh, it was delicious! (And yes, I told my husband it was off limits!)
  3. Cramp tabs: I’m lucky that I  don’t have to actually use these bad boys, but I know many a girl who does so they’re an absolute necessity.
  4. Two adorable bags: One was a larger bag for you to keep your monthly products in at home. It was a great yellow chevron (I’m currently obsessed with chevron so it was very fitting). The other was a smaller pink chevron pouch so you can discreetly hide everything in your purse. Both were from a smaller company on Etsy which I love. I feel these two products really add to the greatness of this service because it goes beyond “here’s your tampons” and brings it to “here’s your tampons and something to remind you that you’re classy and fashionable, even in your ugly, oversized sweatpants.”
  5. A fabulous letter that gives you details about what’s in your box.
  6. Tea: This isn’t always added in, but it was great on a cold night!
All of the goodies!

All of the goodies! (The cramp tabs were packaged on the other side of the tea.)

This letter was cute and made me feel like I'm not so alone when I'm cranky on my period.

This letter was cute and made me feel like I’m not so alone when I’m cranky on my period.

The Even Better

Not only does Period for Good provide you with an easy service that takes at least one of the awful steps out of having your period, they do something great on top of that. With every order they donate money to a charity of your choosing. What could be nicer than being curled up in the fetal position, chomping on chocolate and cramp tabs knowing your week of sorrow is helping out a wonderful organization? At least someone should benefit from it all, right?

How Much Is This Going to Set Me Back?

Monthly prescription packages start at $19. This price includes tampons (or pads if you’d prefer them), all the things mentioned above, and shipping and handling. If you want (or need) more products you can also add onto your standard package for a little bit more. While you may be saying “hey, that’s  more than I usually spend on tampons” you need to remember that you’re paying for convenience AND 25% of the profits each month go to the charity that you choose during sign-up! That alone is a huge win for joining and getting your good karma for the month!

Is It Worth It?

Absolutely! This subscription service made me feel a little bit happier about a not so wonderful time of the month. I felt some serious girl power coming from it and a reminder that even though getting your period sucks, we’re all in it together (unless you’re pregnant, but don’t worry. In 9 months you’ll be back on track with us).

It was easy to order, gave a variety of options for tampons, was definitely convenient, and gave me enough chocolate to make me feel better, but not guilty (always a positive). If you’re super busy and always forget to buy tampons (ahem, me) it’s a foolproof way to make sure you’re not caught in a bind without anything in the house. Plus, that adorable bag that it came with is now proudly sitting in my cupboard as my pretty little tampon holder (and makes it look much more attractive if people ever decide to snoop through my medicine cabinet). Keep in mind that you might have to gauge how many tampons you need in your subscription (some girls just need more than others), but that’s not really a hard task if you just keep an eye out for at least one month of what you use.

So, if you’re looking for a way to make your period a little bit nicer while also doing something for charity, this is definitely the way to go. I mean, for all the bitchy unpleasant attitudes we give others during that time of the month it’s good karma to pay it forward while also treating yourself to the ease of home delivery. One woman’s misery is another woman’s joy!

Check it out at!


6 thoughts on “Period for Good: Have a Happy Period

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  2. I can’t get site to open could I just get the price list send to millerharley1 I have 2 daughters and 2 granddaughtes that I could send this to if price is right

    • Rhonda,
      I follow one of the supported charities. Due to a mention on the charities’ Facebook page, the Period for Good site is having trouble keeping up with the additional traffic. They are in the process of getting it all fixed. Keep trying! 🙂

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