How to Make a Great First Impression at Work

Tomorrow is the first day at my new job! I’m feeling a mix of excitement and nerves which I think is pretty typical for this type of situation. It’s that feeling where you kind of want to throw up, but you’re not sure if it’s because you’re anticipating great or awful things (I mean, it’s most likely going to be great, but you never know!).

While I tend to think I’m friendly and fairly easy to get along with, I always still worry about whether or not people will like me. Nobody wants to be the new employee that everyone dreads. That’s why it’s so important to make a good first impression. It takes only a couple of seconds for people to make a judgment of you based on both your nonverbal and verbal cues. That means you need to be on your A-game right from the start!

It's true!

It’s true!

To help ensure a successful transition to a new job, here are some simple tips I plan to use to help make a good first impression!

Smile. Everyone loves a good smile. It shows that you’re friendly and approachable. Just make sure it’s genuine and not a super forced, creepy smile (you know the type I’m talking about).

Make eye contact. This shows that you’re confident and open. It’s a good technique that lets others know you’re interested in the conversation and paying attention to your new colleagues.

Have a positive attitude. People can tell whether you have a positive or negative attitude from a mile away. Even if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, leave your troubles at the door and start off with a fresh and happy attitude.

Dress to impress. As much as we think other people shouldn’t judge us for our clothing, they do. If you haven’t already been told about the dress code policy, dress up a little more than you normally would. For example, if you’re not sure if it’s business casual or business professional, go with business professional. You can always tone it down the next day. Just be sure you look clean, groomed, and well put together.

Now, it’s your turn! What suggestions do you have for making a great first impression?


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