Getting Out of a Fashion Rut: Day Three

So, I’m a little bit obsessed with this outfit. I mean, when I put it on I knew I had to buy it! How could I not? It’s fricken adorable!

IMG_2488 IMG_2487

The dress itself is from a no name store in my mall that recently opened up. It was only $27 and came with that fabulous necklace. What a steal! Now, with a dress like this you have to be careful because of the length. Any shorter and this probably would’t be office appropriate. Just be aware of what you’re comfortable with. If you think it looks trashy and inappropriate, it probably is.

I got that blazer from H&M on Black Friday for $7! If you couldn’t tell I’m a serious bargain shopper. I very rarely buy anything that’s full price. There’s really no need to because there’s always such good sales. I would say the majority of my clothes were bought on some type of sale for $25 or less. No shame in going to the clearance section!

My shoes are from the clearance rack in DSW. If you haven’t shopped the clearance in that store than you’re insane! I’ve gotten brand name shoes for about $7. Oh man, it’s fabulous and it’ll feed your shoe addiction nicely (not that I have one or anything).

My favorite thing about this outfit is how it mixes spring colors with a flattering silhouette. Adding the blazer makes it look a bit more professional, but it can easily transfer into a night on the town dress too. This is a great outfit that helps me feel confident, sexy, and office ready all at the same time!

Tomorrow I’ve got another great deal and a simple outfit anyone can put together!


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