Strong Suit: A “desirable quality that is particularly prominent in someone’s character or an activity at which they excel.” 

Well that sounds nice, but how does that relate to this blog? Strong suit is here to help young women like you find the best qualities that define who you are and what you want to be.  Through motivation, empowerment, and support, Strong Suit will help you gain confidence, succeed in ways you never thought possible, and truly showcase how strong and amazing you are.

I’m feeling motivated already!  Now, who’s the lovely lady writing about all of this? My name is Lindsay Zdep. I’m a 28 year-old career driven woman who loves fitness and dessert (counterintuitive, I know). My ambitions have taken me through a Masters in Social Work program that landed me an awesome position in social policy research. With a focus on child welfare, my day-to-day work consists of project management, report writing, program evaluations, and anything else that they throw on my plate.

I also work for a domestic violence training agency, am awesome on a daily basis, and moonlight as the cofounder of Rexx Sports Nutrition. Started with my husband, it’s a sports supplement company that focuses on providing support, motivation, and that little extra push you need to get through your workouts. Phew, even reading everything I try to do tires me out!

Now, quick recap for the future: I’m a young, ambitious, career-oriented social worker/entrepreneur who has a love of research, fitness, and dessert. Much simpler!

That's me!

That’s me!

How did Strong Suit come about? After a nudge from my husband who constantly tells me to write a book and share how I’ve succeeded so far, I decided to start Strong Suit. My goal is to help other young people like me who are looking to be the best they can be and steadily advance in their careers and life. With a focus on succeeding and becoming a leader in your profession, Strong Suit also covers issues related to keeping healthy, having fun, and making time for your family.


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